About us


os4os – stands for open science for open societies and is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting science, research and education.  

To address these issues, we initiate projects in the areas of Open Science, Citizen Science, Open Data, Open Source, Smart City and Open Innovation. 

We also focus on the transfer of research results to civil society and companies, developing appropriate methods and tools. 


Research data have a high reusability potential outside the realm of science and academia. Athe moment Open Science is predominantly equated with Open Access. Open access to research data, as well as visibility and reusability are still a long way of.

One of our main goals is the creation and operation of the information portal openscience.eu. The portal will provide comprehensive and up-to-date content on open science as well as research content openly accessible and visually understandable and will  also be used by non-scientists.  


We would like to explore e.g. 

• What role does Open Science play in opening up science? 

• How will research data be handled in the future? 

• How can stakeholders without a scientific background use these data?  

• How can teaching and research institutions prepare to face the challenges of the digital age? 

Who are we?


We are a team of scientists, research managers and media experts with many years of professional experience at universities and research institutes.  

As a result, we are active both in Europe and internationally and have a very good network. 

Reiner Braun

Marine Paichard

Annette Kunz-Engesser

What do we mean by Open Science?

We understand open science as transparent science that makes research results and their potential reusability more easily accessible to a larger number of interested parties, for example companies and citizens.

What do we mean by Open Society?

We understand Open Societies as active commitment from civil society and companies in order to strengthen the transfer of knowledge between research and society and to bring new impulses to science and to society.

Why did we create open science for open societies?

Our society is confronted with rapid changes and has toadapt to new requirements. We live in a globally networked world in which we have to think systems holistically. Many people already feel overwhelmed and express it. In the future, the scientific value chain should go far beyond current approaches.
Open science is more than just storing research results in repositories. We should give more thought to their re-use: We should make broader use of research results and integrate them to build new business models and introduce innovations into society. From our point of view, openness, access and reusability are central starting points.


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