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Climate change water dirty with dead fish

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Impacts of climate change on water bodies

  • warmer temperatures
  • increased evaporation 
  • changes in precipitation 


Direct consequences for us in Germany as well

  • Change in water temperature
  • Falling groundwater levels
  • Changed runoff dynamics
  • Low water 
  • Drought
  • At the same time, more frequent occurrence of floods and heavy rains


Water bodies in Baden-Württemberg


Monitoring as a solution approach

What does monitoring mean?

  • Long-term recording of various properties of a water body. 
    Examples of parameters to be recorded: Water quantity, hydraulic conditions (e.g. minimum water depths), water quality (oxygen, nutrients, ...)


Advantages and opportunities:

  • Showing long-term correlations and changes
  • Enables forecasts
    → Timely response to extreme events
    → Development of new adaptation strategies, early warning systems etc.


Wanted: Citizens

Committed Climate Detectives & Citizen Advisory Board >> Get Involved


Participatory role of climate detectives - water monitoring by means of apps


EyeOnWater Australia app (

  • Measurement of water quality of natural waters with the help of water color
  • Water color provides information on the content of algae and organic substances
  • Forel-Ule scale → Color scale used to determine the color of a body of water
  • Measurements and data are made publicly available on the EyeOnWater website


Use of the EyeOnWater app (detailed in the guide)

  • Take a photo of the water surface of the body of water.
  • Assign the color of the photo to the given color scale.
  • Enter other parameters like ph-value or water temperature.
  • Send data.


Why do we want to collect data using the apps in ParKli?

  • We need a good database on the current state of our local environment.
  • Together with you, we would like to go in search of clues and use the EyeOnWater Australia app to collect data on the state of local waters.  
  • This data basis should make it possible to jointly develop and actively implement local measures for adaptation to climate impacts.